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Ground Control

Active Aircraft

Legacy Aircraft

Geo – Mapping

UBC UAS provides geographically referenced mapping services using our two Thunderbird aircraft. Capable of flying in dense and open terrain we are able to photographically map almost any location and provide a fully featured digital surface model of the area.

Software Development

Our team is always looking at ways to further the development of the UAS industry, and in many cases this comes down to a new or more streamlined software solution. We are able to develop software in house to integrate new components into flight operations or post processing software solutions.

Hardware Integration

Finding new applications and integration methods for existing or new hardware is our speciality.  Our aircraft are capable of large payloads and can be fitted out with many new technologies.

We are also open to integrating hardware into external airframes outside of UBC UAS’s own fleet.

Electro-Mechanical Design

We are always interested in designing new components for use with UAS and are keen to work with industry and faculty to develop solutions for electrical and mechanical systems.