Student Competitions

Unmanned Systems Canada (USC)

For the 2021 competition, USC has created a simulated BVLOS drone-based medical supply delivery. Our system will remotely retrieve the simulated medical package with a separate ground vehicle, read its contents and destination from the QR code, transport it via high-speed UAV, and deliver it to the destination tent with the ground vehicle. The competition will take place virtually between April 30th and May 30th.

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI)

UBC UAS will build a large, fast multi-rotor capable of performing autonomous flights while carrying multiple payloads for the AUVSI Student Unmanned Aircraft Systems competition. The mission is to deliver a packages to customers while avoiding obstacles like buildings. We are building a rover to be deployed from a safe altitude that autonomously navigates to customer location. Our in-house software suite will be used to create aircraft flight paths, manage imaging for mapping, and object detection. The competition has been cancelled in 2021 but the team is preparing to compete next year.