Active Aircraft

Project Condor


As a direct response to the 2019 AUVSI SUAS challenge, Condor was built to complete a long distance payload drop with high accuracy. Speed, high payload capacity, and endurance allowed Condor to successfully complete the given mission with excellent precision.

Top speed – 120 km/h
MTOW – 12kg
Wing Span – 1500mm
Max elec Power – 7600W

Project HummingBird


The Hummingbird Project is the team’s response to the need for a more precise and quickly configurable aircraft. The Wasp series of Unmanned Systems allows us to quickly change the payload and layout of the aircraft and fly different style missions within minutes of one another.

Project Flame Wheel


As a donation from UBC Studios, the Flame Wheel serves as a filming platform for promotional material as well as a pilot training aircraft. It’s always ready to go and never fails to deliver.