Active Aircraft

Advanced Technology Demonstrator


Demanding real-world applications like Law Enforcement or Search And Rescue require multi-mission drones with unique performance characteristics. The Advanced Technology Demonstrator will be both a testbed of new drone technologies and a mission aircraft for the AUVSI SUAS competition.

The ATD will incorporate new technologies like differential GPS and obstacle avoidance in order to return maximum results. The project will inspire growth and innovation for future UBC UAS projects.

Project Raven


Project Raven was born out of a need for a high-endurance slow-flight multi rotor. It was originally designed for an Australian Medical express competition to serve as a radio link, halfway between the active aircraft and the ground station. Now Raven serves as a versatile aircraft ideal for low altitude mapping of large areas as well as carrying and delivering large payloads. The modular payload attachments and option for multiple batteries further extend its wide use envelope.

Project HummingBird


The Hummingbird¬†Project is the team’s response to the need for a more precise and quickly configurable aircraft. The Wasp series of Unmanned Systems allows us to quickly change the payload and layout of the aircraft and fly different style missions within minutes of one another.

Project Flame Wheel


As a donation from UBC Studios, the Flame Wheel serves as a filming platform for promotional material as well as a pilot training aircraft. It’s always ready to go and never fails to deliver.